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Letter to Super DEBT Committee - Save $2 trillion dollars without harming Medicaid beneficiaries. link

Letter to Congress: save $200 billion in Medicaid in this year's budget.
link link
Congress notified of NY medicaid fraud by NYS link

Even with wildly optimistic pension earnings predictions, New York Debt per person including local debt is $24,195. For a family of four that is about $97,000. link

A. Latest on Chapter 10 Bankruptcy link 1 Link 2
B. Cuomo Budget Link 1 Link 2
C. NY Bonds Link1 Link 2 Link "Writing on Wall"

Cuomo as Governor
Medicaid Redesign Team: Medicaid Budget increases, not decreases Cuomo's Lobbyist Crony Heads Medicaid Redesign.
Cuomo's Lobbyist Crony renamed Consultant and all is well

1. Cuomo Stars as Captain Renault in Casablanca remake and link 2 Cuomo's repeat performances

2. Cuomo fails to follow Brown and cut his budget by 25%

3. More Cuomo fails to equal California's Brown

4. How States go bankrupt.

5. Cuomo and Medicaid headed nowhere

6. Look at Alternate currency: A Ron Paul, a $3 Cuomo, a California IOU

7. Cuomo's credit card taken away.

8. New Chapter 10 Federal Bankruptcy for States.

9. The new $3 Cuomo I.O.U.

10. Cuomo and NY Bondholders See The Writing On The Wall

11. New York Bankruptcy and Bond Devaluation

12. Cuomo Loads Up His Band Wagon With Committees For The Downhill Race With California

13. Ponzi to Madoff to Hevesi to DiNapoli; New York Learns About A Phony Safe 7.5% Pension Return

14 Economic Laws Lead Andrew Cuomo To A Hard Fall

15. Cuomo Meets "The Ghost Of NY Yet To Come"

16. Fiscal Disaster As Andrew Cuomo And His M.O. Are Slapped Down By Chinese Reality Checks

17. The New Word Order, "Nixon/Blogo/Cuomo" Predicates Andrew Cuomo's Fate

-Cuomo's prior corruption-

18. Cuomo Perfected His M.O. At HUD With $59 Billion Unaccounted For ; stealing the poor guys blind; Medicare $1.2 billion per year fraud; Multiple $50,000 bribes; Cuomo bungles criminal trial, rich executives walk;

19. The Second Cuomo's Smoking Gun: AEG Victory Celebration Needed Rev. Sharpton And Andrew Cuomo In The AEG Bag

20. Cuomo's Corruption Allowed $400 Million To Be Added to $1.2 Billion In NY Medicaid Fraud To Be Refunded By NY State To Federal Government

21. Andrew Cuomo Kisses And Makes Up With The Albany Swamp's Legislature Vermin, Reprobate Politicians, A Whore and Charles Rangel, Ashley Dupre, boss Vito Lopez, David Paterson, as obedient house boy, Andrew Farkas, who Cuomo accused of paying millions in kickbacks, and Allen Isaac (sex predator)

22. Sex Predator: Cuomo can clean his own nest

23. Cuomo changes pay to play to indirect payment and we're fooled

24. Cuomo bungles criminal prosecution

25. Cuomo covers up NY corruption

26. Cuomo covers up missing 9/11 Red Cross Money

27. $1.2 trillion loss resulted from the 50 % of $2.4 trillion in loans ordered by Cuomo at HUD, *Cuomo's smoking gun

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Cuomo, Medicaid, And New York Budget Headed Nowhere

   Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them: "Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fall." ~ Luke 11:17

      How will Cuomo deal with, "Nearly half of the people on Cuomo's transition team and economic advisory council either are registered lobbyists themselves or work for organizations that lobby New York's state government ?   Particularly, the lobbyists for Medicaid providers?  

    "The flood of [NY] taxpayers' money that Medicaid has poured into the hands of providers has spawned a militant, aggressive health-care lobby that threatens and targets individual legislators, and that spends millions on advertising apparently designed to convince the public that any Medicaid cuts would result in patients dying in the hallways of hospitals."
      This [$38.7 billion] program costs the taxpayers over $1,300 a year for every man, woman and child in the state. Directly (through their own taxes) and indirectly (through taxes paid by businesses from which they buy goods and services), the average family of four in New York is paying over $5,000 a year to support the [NY] Medicaid program.

    Looking at NY spending, we have this budget item list which omits only the spending budgeted for the sacred cow of education.  Where do we make the cuts?  All data here is  from "Comptroller 2010 Report on Financial Condition of NY State." prepared in March 2009.
From the $38.7 billion  for Medicaid
   or the $4.2 billion spent for public welfare
   or the $4.8 billion spent for public safety
   or the $5 billion spent for transportation
   or the $0.8 billion spent for Environment and Recreation
   or the $0.2 billion spent for business regulation
   or the $6.4 billion spent for General government
   Or a total $60.1 billion

  As of 3/31/2010, 16% or $9.8 billion of NY's debt was issued as budget relief.  This number was corrected by DiNapoli in an Albany Follies Sideshow by adding another billion dollars to this budget relief in Dec. 2010, thus $10.8 billion is claimed as requiredNow from which of the above categories in the State Budget is Cuomo going to take this $10.8 billion from?   But, the fiscal reality is that the Albany Clowns are using a grossly low number when next year's budget needs to cut $22.1 billion.  

Read from the Public Policy Institute of New York State: Medicaid: Wreaking Havoc in Health Care and discover:
1. Our costs for Medicaid are well over twice the national average.
2. The two larger states, California and Texas, have almost three times our population—but combined, they spend only a bit more than New York on Medicaid.
3. New York's costs are so far out of line that the state sticks local governments with a substantial share—and that, in turn, is a major reason our property taxes are so high.   (And Cuomo promises to cap property taxes?)
4. New York's Medicaid  is "the mother of all mandates," in which Albany by fiat orders local governments to pay almost $3.7 billion a year of the cost.  This mandate hits taxpayers directly in their property taxes (except in New York City, which collects much of the cost through its own personal income tax)

    Then, what about the $1.2 billion needed to be refunded to the Federal Government?

      What will Cuomo do when "Nearly half of the people on Cuomo's transition team and economic advisory council either are registered lobbyists themselves or work for organizations that lobby New York's state government?   The Grand Army of the State of New York Transition and Economic Advisers will have one part working against the other.

 Expect lots of sound and fury signifying nothing, while Albany children recite new words to an old ditty:

Oh, The grand Cuomo of New York,
He had ten thousand committee men;
He marched them up to the top of the Capital hill,
And he marched them down again.

And when they were up, they were up,

And when they were down, they were down,
And when they were only half-way up,
They were neither up nor down.
Then, bankruptcy and sticking it to the "rich" bondholders
link ~ Hand writing on the wall for NY bondholders
link ~ Why bondholders will be greatest losers (NY Finance Bazaar) 

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