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Letter to Super DEBT Committee - Save $2 trillion dollars without harming Medicaid beneficiaries. link

Letter to Congress: save $200 billion in Medicaid in this year's budget.
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Congress notified of NY medicaid fraud by NYS link

Even with wildly optimistic pension earnings predictions, New York Debt per person including local debt is $24,195. For a family of four that is about $97,000. link

A. Latest on Chapter 10 Bankruptcy link 1 Link 2
B. Cuomo Budget Link 1 Link 2
C. NY Bonds Link1 Link 2 Link "Writing on Wall"

Cuomo as Governor
Medicaid Redesign Team: Medicaid Budget increases, not decreases Cuomo's Lobbyist Crony Heads Medicaid Redesign.
Cuomo's Lobbyist Crony renamed Consultant and all is well

1. Cuomo Stars as Captain Renault in Casablanca remake and link 2 Cuomo's repeat performances

2. Cuomo fails to follow Brown and cut his budget by 25%

3. More Cuomo fails to equal California's Brown

4. How States go bankrupt.

5. Cuomo and Medicaid headed nowhere

6. Look at Alternate currency: A Ron Paul, a $3 Cuomo, a California IOU

7. Cuomo's credit card taken away.

8. New Chapter 10 Federal Bankruptcy for States.

9. The new $3 Cuomo I.O.U.

10. Cuomo and NY Bondholders See The Writing On The Wall

11. New York Bankruptcy and Bond Devaluation

12. Cuomo Loads Up His Band Wagon With Committees For The Downhill Race With California

13. Ponzi to Madoff to Hevesi to DiNapoli; New York Learns About A Phony Safe 7.5% Pension Return

14 Economic Laws Lead Andrew Cuomo To A Hard Fall

15. Cuomo Meets "The Ghost Of NY Yet To Come"

16. Fiscal Disaster As Andrew Cuomo And His M.O. Are Slapped Down By Chinese Reality Checks

17. The New Word Order, "Nixon/Blogo/Cuomo" Predicates Andrew Cuomo's Fate

-Cuomo's prior corruption-

18. Cuomo Perfected His M.O. At HUD With $59 Billion Unaccounted For ; stealing the poor guys blind; Medicare $1.2 billion per year fraud; Multiple $50,000 bribes; Cuomo bungles criminal trial, rich executives walk;

19. The Second Cuomo's Smoking Gun: AEG Victory Celebration Needed Rev. Sharpton And Andrew Cuomo In The AEG Bag

20. Cuomo's Corruption Allowed $400 Million To Be Added to $1.2 Billion In NY Medicaid Fraud To Be Refunded By NY State To Federal Government

21. Andrew Cuomo Kisses And Makes Up With The Albany Swamp's Legislature Vermin, Reprobate Politicians, A Whore and Charles Rangel, Ashley Dupre, boss Vito Lopez, David Paterson, as obedient house boy, Andrew Farkas, who Cuomo accused of paying millions in kickbacks, and Allen Isaac (sex predator)

22. Sex Predator: Cuomo can clean his own nest

23. Cuomo changes pay to play to indirect payment and we're fooled

24. Cuomo bungles criminal prosecution

25. Cuomo covers up NY corruption

26. Cuomo covers up missing 9/11 Red Cross Money

27. $1.2 trillion loss resulted from the 50 % of $2.4 trillion in loans ordered by Cuomo at HUD, *Cuomo's smoking gun

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Two Faces As Cuomo Changes Pay To Play To Indirect Payment

"Follow the money"  or "The best candidate that money can buy."

My friend, Joe, enlightened me decades earlier that for great service and a good table, the time to tip the maitre d' and then your waiter is when you first meet each.    Does this apply elsewhere in New York?
Andrew Cuomo is the multi-faceted candidate, with a smiling face for everybody.  Andrew Cuomo's face towards the People on his web site say Cuomo wants, "to eliminate pay to play campaign contributions."     Another face of Andrew Cuomo looks at his donation forms, where "contributors [are asked] to sign a statement saying they have no “matter” pending with him. That rule “does not extend to attorneys representing persons or entities with matters before the NYS Attorney General’s office.

"Contributors to Cuomo include a who's who of law firms and their attorneys. In addition to Boies, Patterson Belknap, Paul Weiss, Sullivan & Cromwell, Skadden Arps, Kramer Levin, Mayer Brown and O'Melveny & Myers are named in the article as contributors or event sponsors."

The People have Cuomo's and his contributing attorneys' assurances that said attorneys would never give money, if they thought it would benefit themselves or their clients, "We do not think that the attorney general of New York would make it any easier for lawyers or cut any slack for their clients because of the lawyers’ prior campaign contributions,” said Arthur Culvahouse Jr., the law firm’s chair, who was counsel to President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. “That was not our thinking in 2006 or now. Indeed, as officers of the court we would not contribute to a candidate if we thought that were the case.”

Cuomo wants to eliminate direct pay to play.   The People are assured that no NY attorneys would ever act as cash conduits for their clients in an indirect pay to play scheme.   Check out the NY court and lawyer reality show to see our honest judges and lawyers in action. and for the 98,750 exceptions to court/lawyer honesty.

Andrew, a smiling face for everybody?  There will be no indirect pay to play through attorneys?  What will my measly single vote buy?

Cuomo Announces His Success Against Espada At Liar's Club

“Our government teaches the whole people by its example. If the  government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it  invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy."  ~Louis D. Brandeis (Supreme Court Justice, 1856-1941)

 News From Liar's Club House Journal, a.k.a. NY Times ("All the lies fitted into print") :  Andrew Cuomo spoke at the Liar's Club, right after someone else said, "he was the biggest liar."  Then, Cuomo announced his magnificent civil suit against the uppity Senator Pedro Espada who finagled to become majority leader.

Now, as not reported in the Liar's Club House Journal:   Senator Espada has asked, why didn't Cuomo file criminal charges?    Espada is right.    Cuomo's civil suit won't be resolved until after Cuomo hopes he's governor.  And worse, the money which could have gone into the State Treasury from a successful NY RICO prosecution of Pedro Espada now cannot go toward NY's Budget needs.   As described in prior posts here, Espada's alleged crime represents just 0.001% of the fraud (potential RICO money for the NY Treasury?) involved in federal TARP program's "assets." The Federal TARP program, supposedly, was to remove those toxic mortgage assets from our financial system, which were generated from Cuomo's Actions as Federal HUD Secretary.  But, those Toxic assets are still there.  That federal TARP should be competing for the lie of the year 2008.

  Meanwhile, while "Nero" Cuomo's NY State is burning from budget shortfalls, Cuomo worries that the plants at the Botanical Gardens could use more watering, er, sorry (lying is not my forte), Pedro Espada needs to face this civil suit.   Cuomo's action against Espada is either too little or too late, or a part of Cuomo's "mating" ritual display to become Governor.   Steve Levy, NY Governor Candidate , sniffed a stench and asked why Cuomo ignored all the other corrupt Senators and Assemblymen?  And why does Cuomo ignore the $40 million dollar fraud involving the Chief Judge, Lippman, and Judge Ramos, when he and his staff's work has already done for them, because the witnesses and papers are already available for a Grand Jury and a Trial.

Please, Andrew "Gollum" Cuomo, your NY TARP (Toxic Attorneys and Reprobates Protector) covering up NY corruption may serve your needs to shakedown and protect corruption, but not doesn't serve ours.   And Gollum Cuomo, if you want "The Ring," earn it.

The Tale of 2 Cuomo TARPS Ends, Sequels Begin

Abraham Lincoln, "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time."

The Tale of 2 Cuomo TARPS final comedy act ended copycat from "the sheriff raids the whorehouse," yesterday 4/22/2010, as Eric Holder's boss said he is seeking to up the number of deputies overseeing the action. Sadly many in the audience didn't see the earlier scene where the scoundrel (Madam) and Sheriff Holder's boss discussed the whole performance at least four times and Holder's boss failed to throw"the filthy lucre of a million dollars" back to the scoundrels.



At the same time, the Cuomo as sheriff act with Senator Espada became tangled and continued around the corner, following Shakespeare's, "what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive".

Steve Levy said concerning Cuomo as sheriff, “But it is interesting that even with Mr. Monserrate, who has been dumped out of the Senate, you know, there are a lot of other senators and assemblymen who have done some pretty shaky things.” and “And there seems to be some selective enforcement regarding where they come down on this – not to say that what those other gentlemen did or alleged to have done was good stuff.”


Please, Mr. Cuomo, you can't fool all of us.


The Tale of 2 Cuomo TARPS, Act 2, How The Big Ones Got Away

From Gilbert and Sullivan, "Things aren't what they seem, skim milk masquerades as cream."

In yesterday's 4/21/2010 act performed for the gullible masses, Andrew Cuomo and Eric Holder played their duet version of "the sheriff raids the whorehouse," with both going after NY Senator Espada, who Democrats have targeted for replacement, while letting the big ones get away.


Not that Espada isn't deserving, it's just that while the big fish school (Goldman Sachs) is swimming right by, Cuomo and Holder can only pull out the bloated little fish floating on the surface.
Do either Cuomo or Holder believe they would have a difficult job convincing a jury that the derivatives/securities generated by Goldman Sachs were just a scheme to sell mortgages they knew were almost valueless or a fraud? Mr. Cuomo, have you seen article below about how close the Democrats and Senator Schumer and Obama are to Goldman Sachs?


Warning for Eric Holder, Obama, NY Times acolytes: please skip to next paragraph to avoid waking to a different reality. CNBC has calmed nervous Goldman workers; Holder has conflicting evidence; this may be dismissed or settled with a token fine. It's just "the sheriff raiding the whorehouse,"show trial to fool the gullible. The Espada action is the other diversion to make you think they're doing something about NY corruption, instead of Democrat retribution for the uppity Espada manipulating their system to advance himself. It's necessary, but so is the prosecution of Senator Sampson for demanding multiple $50 thousand dollar bribes for access to his office, which is not being prosecuted.


Please, Mr. Cuomo and Mr. Holder, look ahead and note that Goldman Sachs wants to generate more profit from creating derivatives/securities for a US Cap and Trade market, even though, The European Union found in Europe's Cap and Trade, about 90% of the underlying Cap and Trade transactions were frauds. (Will the sub prime mortgage's TARP be repeated with Goldman Cap and Trade derivatives/securities?)

With 1.2 trillion dollars missing with sub prime mortgages, isn't Espada's millions just 0.001% of the TARP like losses? Mr. Cuomo and Mr. Holder, keep your eyes on the big fish (a trillion dollars) and let your lackeys go after Espada. And while some lackeys are pursing Espada, who likely may not be reelected, have your other lackeys use the evidence available from the site below to eliminate the corruption of Chief Judge Lippman and Judge Ramos who would continue in office while their 40 million dollar fraud (6 times larger than Espada's) which was reported to the FBI and the US attorney for the Southern District of NY, Preet Bharara and has been ignored by Cuomo and Holder.


And please, Mr.Cuomo, wake up and smell the taxes that Goldman's beneficiary, Chuck Schumer, wants Banks to pass on to the People.


The recent Pew poll showed 80% of the People don't trust government. Mr. Cuomo, do your part to change that. While Thursday 4/24's main act is playing with Holder's boss, you need to announce your investigation of Goldman Sachs for fraud in their sub prime derivatives/securities. You must sound the alarm of the danger of their proposed Cap and Trade derivatives/securities and your opposition to a tax on banks passed on to the People.

The People's message: No more dog and pony diversion acts, Mr.Cuomo. Lift your TARP: we have no trust (80%); where's the prosecution for the missing trillion?; the derivative frauds?; crooked judges?; "the sheriff raids the whorehouse" is a tired old act, no more excuses and no more taxes.

The Tale of The Two Cuomo TARPs Opens in NYC

Memorandum to Andrew Cuomo and the NY Times

This Thursday, US AG Eric Holder's imitation of “the sheriff raids the whorehouse,” civil lawsuit against Goldman Sachs will be the trumpeted act by his boss in NYC, but, Mr. Cuomo could steal the show. Here's your script, Mr. Cuomo, you lift your TARP (Toxic Attorneys and Reprobates Protector) protecting the reprobates at Goldman Sachs and you could propose to remedy some of the financial losses of about 1.2 trillion dollars in the Federal TARP (Terrible Assets Removal Program). Although those federal TARP losses were the direct result of your proclamation as HUD Secretary requiring at least 1.2 trillion dollars to be sub prime loans, Mr. Cuomo, you could heroically recover much of those losses after a criminal conviction of Goldman Sachs.

You begin with an immediate indictment,using Penal Law § 190.65 Scheme to defraud in the first degree.1.A person is guilty of a scheme to defraud in the first degree when he or she: (a) engages in a scheme constituting a systematic ongoing course of conduct with intent to defraud ten or more persons or to obtain property from ten or more persons by false or fraudulent pretenses, representations or promises, and so obtains property from one or more of such persons; for your initial Grand Jury presentation and the resulting publicity/adoration. And after obtaining documents used in federal civil action file additional charges against Goldman Sachs as a criminal entity under NY Penal Laws - (460.00 - 460.80) ENTERPRISE CORRUPTION.

Neither Mr. Cuomo nor the NY Times should've been taken in by “the sheriff raids the whorehouse” federal posturing by US AG, Eric Holder, which allows Goldman Sachs to pay millions in civil fines while taking billions in profits. Simple arithmetic with large numbers shows making billions in profits while paying millions in fines is equivalent to a 0.1% tax(penalty) which any business, “corrupt or honest,” would readily pay to get government off their backs.

Mr. Cuomo you could with a NY State criminal action take back a hundreds of times larger percentage of the losses in the federal TARP program from Goldman Sachs.

I hope that you are not lured as in the following quote,”Drudge has a nice big headline about the nearly $1 million that 0bama received as campaign contributions from Goldman Sachs too....Welcome to Chicago, D.C.” Nor should you be swayed by all the Goldman contributions to Senator Schumer and his related campaigns. If you want “The Ring,” you must do what is necessary. Please leave “Chicago Politics" for Chicago. Or you could use this post to shakedown Goldman Sachs for your campaign.

Eric Holder has acted his “the sheriff raids whorehouse” part and could take a 0.1% penalty from Goldman Sachs. What about beginning with a hundred times 0.1% or 10% as your staring heroic act in “The Tale of the Two Cuomo TARPs”?

Part 2 of this post will be tomorrow

What's hiding under your TARP, Andrew Cuomo and NY Judges, with no video record?

Better Laws #2

Memorandum to Andrew Cuomo, Senator John Sampson, and the NY Times:

The system stinks. We need remedy now.

See ExposecorruptCourts.blogspot.com for enlightenment.

Andrew Cuomo, what hiding under your TARP that fears video exposure? Why doesn't NY Times demand videos of all court proceedings? Senator Sampson, doesn't your black community want video recording of all court proceedings and don't they know the courts cannot be trusted? Wasn't OJ Simpson's “not guilty verdict,” in part because the black community wanted to send a message about untrusted courts? Why shouldn't the people see what goes on in their courts? Why is youtube, or “Acorn like” exposure feared?

Maybe paraphrasing old wisdom would help:The fear of the the Lord (the People seeing the video) is the beginning of wisdom (honest courts).”

Honest judges and equitable court actions have been a concern since Moses said over 3,000 years ago, "At that time I instructed the judges, 'You must hear the cases of your fellow Israelites and the foreigners living among you. Be perfectly fair in your decisions”

Translated for our NY lawyers and judges: “no favoritism for fellow judges or fellow lawyers and respect and treat fairly the foreigners, i.e. non-lawyers or non- judges.”

NY Supreme Court Judge David Demerest in Essex County action 974/2006, said from the bench, “If you want the law, the rules, and the Constitution followed you have to go the Court of Appeals. In his court the law, the rules and the Constitution are not followed.” A video of Judge David Demerest, on line would end his arrogance. So many groups have cried out for court watchers to sit in on court sessions to protect vulnerable victims from brazen judicial misconduct in courts. Replace these court watchers with video.

Video all NY court appearances with time displayed and make it necessary for the jurisdiction and validity of all court proceedings that such videos exist and are available. The videos of protected proceedings under our present law could be kept protected, but those videos must be kept available for Appellate proceedings, continuing proceedings by same parties or criminal proceedings if required.

First have a good laugh about our present system: A NY judge reviews his own court transcripts for appeals and makes “corrections” and removals as (s)he sees needed before appellate review

Then, since none of the above, Cuomo, Sampson or NY Times have acted, I'll show how we can change our NY Laws:

Here is present law: § 4. Sittings of courts to be public. The sittings of every court within this state shall be public,and every citizen may freely attend the same, except that in all proceedings and trials in cases for divorce, seduction, abortion, rape, assault with intent to commit rape, criminal sexual act, bastardy or filiation,the court may,in its discretion, exclude therefrom all persons who are not directly interested therein, excepting jurors, witnesses, and officers of the court

Here's the Revised law (changes in red): § 4. Sittings of courts to be public. The sittings of every court within this state shall be public,and every citizen may freely attend the same and must be recorded on publicly available time stamped video where the words of each participant can be clearly heard and such video be part of the records of said court, except that in all proceedings and trials in cases for divorce, seduction, abortion, rape, assault with intent to commit rape, criminal sexual act, bastardy or filiation, the court may,in its discretion, exclude therefrom all persons who are not directly interested therein, excepting jurors, witnesses, and officers of the court, and also public access may be excluded to such videos, except for Appellate purposes or use in continuing litigation by the same parties in all proceedings and trials.

a. the loss of public access to videos required hereunder shall render any such unrecorded proceedings as not part of the record of the court

b. any court proceedings without video recording as required in this law would remove the jurisdiction of any court in this State and would be official misconduct by those who so acted.

Please Andrew Cuomo, Senator John Sampson and the NY Times move into the modern age, remedy the corruption, and change the law. Now.

Cuomo's Silver Spoon Costs Over a Trillion Dollars

What is a trillion dollars? It is one million packages each individually containing a million dollars. Andrew "Gollum" Cuomo's quest for "The Ring," produced more than a trillion dollars in costs. Yesterday's blog post here reported Cuomo had a mere 59 billion missing at HUD which trifles compared to the losses when, "Cuomo required Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to buy $2.4 trillion in mortgages over a 10-year span, " of which more than 50% were to be sub prime.
Doing the arithmetic for the "financially" challenged Cuomo, 50% 0f 2.4 = 1.2, means he planned only $1.2 trillion in sub prime mortgage devastation.

Thank God, Cuomo's goals described in his press release as HUD Secretary are not yet reached, "CUOMO ANNOUNCES ACTION TO PROVIDE $2.4 TRILLION IN MORTGAGES FOR AFFORDABLE HOUSING"


Andrew Cuomo's "Gollum" quest combined with a "silver spoon syndrome" left a wake of financial devastation whose terrible costs were passed on to the People of NY.

All the job losses which funded "Gollum" Spitzer's quest, were then continued by his replacement, "Gollum" Cuomo, which kept billions of dollars from the NY economy and so many jobs out of NY. This is the direct cause of the loss in NY State Income Tax Revenues now afflicting NY and generating the budget crisis. (see 4/10 post on this blog)

If you don't remember a silver spoon in your mouth and a legacy governorship in your pocket, you must keep both "Gollum" Spitzer and "Gollum" Cuomo distant from control of your money or your taxes.

But Cuomo's above reported macro financial malfeasances, are dwarfed in the number of afflicted individuals from his micro malfeasances. Cuomo's used his TARP to hide State-wide Court corruption which devastated so many individuals and our State's economy. Would an honest attorney general cover up and defend a corrupt Chief Judge and Appellate Judge who stole $40 million dollars? Would an honest attorney general cover up and defend the corruption in Westchester Surrogate Court where $250 million dollars is stolen from the heirs of Tom Carvel (ice cream) and distributed among a corrupt cabal of lawyers and judges?

See ExposeCorruptCourts.blogspot.com

I could replace "decency" with "honesty" and ask Andrew Cuomo the same words spoken before Senator McCarthy in 1954, "You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?" But I know the words would fall on the closed ears of "Gollum" entitled to the highest office because he born better than I and is convinced of what is owed to him.

We Lost Or Cuomo's Personal and Public Finance Balances

Andrew Cuomo didn't learn personal financial profit and shakedown tactics from Eliot Spitzer. Cuomo taught himself while HUD (Housing and Urban Development) Secretary under Clinton. Cuomo exchanged his immature compassion for the poor where he said, "(Cuomo) saw a broken pipe literally spewing human waste on the children's playground," for his later wiser compassionate statement about that same Landlord, Andrew Farkas, "(Farkas) never saw one of the properties he managed,"

Beforehand, it was reported, "The publicity-driven HUD chief (Cuomo)so hyperventilated at press conferences about the (Farkas)scam that a federal judge had to put a stop to all the heavy breathing."
Thereafter, "(Andrew Farkas) ponied up over $2 million for front running attorney general... that includes $1.2 million in salary....paid Cuomo in 2004 and 2005." And "an undisclosed amount Island (Farkas' company) paid Cuomo in 2006"

Beforehand, Cuomo had charged in a federal lawsuit, "Farkas' then company, Insignia Financial Services, of paying $7.6 million in kickbacks to owners of 17 federally subsidized projects that Insignia managed."
Thereafter, Cuomo knew who paid his bills,"Cuomo's earnings tripled when he went to work at Island (Farkas' company)."


Andrew Cuomo had taken a lemon from sewage and changed it into lemonade in a golden cup.

How Cuomo handled public finance, "HUD had lost track of $59 billion"

"In fiscal year 1998, HUD had “undocumentable adjustments” of $17 billion: that is, $17 billion could not be accounted for. In fiscal 1999, HUD announced that it required $59 billion of “undocumentable adjustments” to balance the books and that it would not provide audited financial statements as required by law."

But the "compassionate" Cuomo did not want those taking any of the $59 billion to suffer a government witch hunt and so, "Cuomo did not order the HUD IG to investigate the reason for the missing billions or to try to get the money back."


Cuomo was so proud that he used our $200,000 to tell us about himself, "in the last day of the Clinton administration, HUD spent $200,000 on reports ... promoting then-Secretary Andrew Cuomo's political career."

Causing a petty response from Rep. Robert Ney, R-Ohio, "These funds could have provided an entire year's worth of housing assistance for hundreds of poor families across the country."


No, thank you, Andrew Cuomo. Your costs were too high.

A Cuomo Legacy with a CAP (Cuomo Amnesty Program), when will we ever learn?

Is the Governorship of New York a Cuomo legacy gift? Is Andrew entitled by birth? In the long historical record of children replacing parents, only a few wise leaders did not promote their spawn.

Three thousand year ago, it was recorded of the Prophet Samuel,
"Now it came to pass when Samuel was old that he made his sons judges over Israel. The name of his firstborn was Joel, and the name of his second, Abijah; they were judges in Beersheba. But his sons did not walk in his ways; they turned aside after dishonest gain, took bribes, and perverted justice."
Does Andrew Cuomo pervert justice with his TARP? Did lawyers with actions against the State who filled his campaign treasury cause Andrew Cuomo to turn aside from his duties for the People and pervert justice?

Two thousand years ago, there were the legacy Roman Emperors, Caligulia and Nero. Did Andrew Cuomo burn down our economy as reported in Village Voice, "He turned the Federal Housing Administration mortgage program into a sweetheart lender with sky-high loan ceilings and no money down, and he legalized what a federal judge has branded "kickbacks" to brokers that have fueled the sale of overpriced and unsupportable loans "?


What turned our country's founders against inherited office and appointed nobility judges?

What about the recent legacy office for, "read my lips"?

Or is it the Peter Principle at work? Was Andrew Cuomo already incompetent as HUD Secretary under President Clinton? In 2008, Andrew Cuomo and his staff reported on ExposeCorruptCourts.blogspot.com,
"The Amnesty 'window' will be narrow," says the source. 'Andrew's pretty serious about a real shake up, and he will not give state workers, including judges, more than 60 days to 'come clean.' The plan, dubbed 'CAP' (Cuomo's Amnesty Program) by AG lawyers, is said to specifically include all attorneys admitted to practice in New York, whether or not they are state employed. 'Heads will role once the Amnesty Program ends"


Did Andrew drop the ball and throw the game because of his incompetence and timidity? Or did venality and greed from craving "The Ring," lead to Andrew's shake down to fill up his campaign treasury and keep the TARP, he inherited from Spitzer, covering up the acts of crooked lawyers, judges, politicians from view?

Please, Mario Cuomo, spare us from this part of your legacy. And Andrew, forget the "Ring" and begin your CAP on April 15, 2010.

Follow Cuomo's and Spitzer's Money Trails Pursuing "The Ring."

First, following Cuomo's role model, Spitzer, and Spitzer's money trail (Or How the People of NY lost big):

If you believe Eliot Spitzer resigned only because of a whore, please contact me for a three life or 99 year lease on a bridge. Spitzer funded his Governor's campaign with a shakedown that damaged NY finances. Here's a quote from Great Britain on the election of Eliot Spitzer:
"Barring the most astonishing electoral upset in history, Eliot Spitzer will, by the time you read this, be governor-elect of New York. History will come to view him as one of the most damaging figures in the history of the state. It is difficult to imagine that he will, as governor, do anything to counter the damage he has already done to American business, or even that he would wish to do so. As governor, he will probably continue to make things much worse."

Read the whole article at http://www.quentinlangley.net/article.php?ex=-1&id=290

Was Spitzer worth his cost to the People of NY? Should Spitzer have become our first Jewish President?

NYT's Wake Up Call: Did Clinton resign because of Monica? Did Spitzer resign because his moral standing was eroded? Did Spitzer have a moral standard? Did Spitzer resign, because there was a more to hide, and he got a deal, he couldn't refuse from federal prosecutors? If federal prosecutors offered a deal, do the People have to accept it, also?

Second, following Cuomo's money trail:

Is Cuomo like Spitzer, a Gollum,
obsessed with the "Ring," and becoming Governor and our first Italian president? Do the People of NY benefit when Cuomo shakes down lawyers for his campaign treasury, instead of Spitzer shaking down Wall Street? Cuomo built a 16 million dollar campaign fund with payoffs by lawyers with cases against NY State. In the end don't the payoffs made to Cuomo's treasury come at the expense of the People of NY whose interests were compromised? Was the salary paid by the People of NY insufficient for Cuomo' needs?


Matthew 6:24 "No man can serve two masters" nor can the People's attorney.

Here is the applicable Disciplinary Rule copied from the NY State's Codes, Rules and Regulations:
DR 5-101 [1200.20] Conflicts of Interest - Lawyer's Own Interests. A lawyer shall not accept or continue employment if the exercise of professional judgment on behalf of the client will be or reasonably may be affected by the lawyer’s own financial, business, property, or personal interests, unless a disinterested lawyer would believe that the representation of the client will not be adversely affected thereby and the client consents to the representation after full disclosure of the implications of the lawyer’s interest.

Questions in regard the blue text above for Andrew Cuomo:

1. Did you obtain the consent of the People after full disclosure of the implications before you took the money for your own personal campaign interests? Answer -NO.

2. A special prosecutor?

3. Is your defense, Spitzer did it first?

Better Laws #1: Brave New NY Politican's World: Official Misconduct is a Felony

Here is Better Laws-Part 1

To Andrew Cuomo, others running for Statewide Office, NY Assembly and NY Senate, NYT:

We,the People,demand tough law to stop NY government corruption. NY penal law for Official Misconduct copied here has a misdemeanor penalty, which is oft bargained down. Corruption prosecuted in NY under federal law is usually for felonies. We, the People, want a Better Law.

NY Judges may believe they're immune from law for acts on the bench, but they are mistaken. The NY Constitution's Bill of Rights, offers no immunity from indictment by any law, whether by legislative action or judicial proclamation. We, the People, demand to clarify judicial penal liability for official misconduct.

NY Constitution, Bill of Rights § 6
"The power of grand juries to inquire into the wilful misconduct in office of public officers, and to find indictments or to direct the filing of informations in connection with such inquiries, shall never be suspended or impaired by law."

Old version of Penal Law: § 195.00 Official misconduct. A public servant is guilty of official misconduct when, with intent to obtain a benefit or deprive another person of a benefit:
1. He commits an act relating to his office but constituting an unauthorized exercise of his official functions, knowing that such act is unauthorized; or
2. He knowingly refrains from performing a duty which is imposed upon him by law or is clearly inherent in the nature of his office. Official misconduct is a class A misdemeanor.

A "Better" Penal Law (changes in red): § 195.00 Official misconduct.
A public servant is guilty of official misconduct when, with intent to obtain a benefit or deprive another person of a benefit:
1. He commits an act relating to his office but constituting an unauthorized exercise of his official functions, knowing that such act is unauthorized; or
2. He knowingly refrains from performing a duty which is imposed upon him by law or is clearly inherent in the nature of his office.
3. Judges, judicial employees, employees of all NY State entities under judicial supervision and the Commission on Judicial Conduct are included as public servants under this law.
Official misconduct is a class C felony.

Career politicians and career judges mayn't want strict corruption laws, because they and/or their relatives, friends, contributors, etc. could be targets.

Are you with us Andrew Cuomo? And you, Senator or Assembly Member? NYT?

Cuomo drops the ball with regard to crime involving Chief Judge and Appellate Judge

Note to Andrew Cuomo and the NY Times

Dear Mr. Cuomo and the NYTimes: When will you act on the criminal complaints against Chief Judge Lippman and Appellate Judge Ramos? AG Cuomo used his TARP to cover this 40 million dollar crime involving both judges. Andrew Cuomo appears to have passed through school and to his high positions through affirmative action for the “challenged” children of Political Chief Executives. Due to his affirmative action learning deficits and in order to assist AG Cuomo in what to present to the Grand Jury, I copied major applicable NY Penal Law below. Perhaps, some of AG Cuomo's staff can assist with other laws to present to the Grand Jury.

>§ 155.05 Larceny; defined. 1. A person steals property and commits larceny when, with intent to deprive another of property or to appropriate the same to himself or to a third person, he wrongfully takes, obtains or withholds such property from an owner thereof

§ 155.42 Grand larceny in the first degree. A person is guilty of grand larceny in the first degree when he steals property and when the value of the property exceeds one million dollars. Grand larceny in the first degree is a class B felony.

The Committee on Public Integrity has called upon federal officials to prosecute Judges Lippman and Ramos because you, AGl Cuomo, failed to act. See Link http://exposecorruptcourts.blogspot.com/2010/03/committee-calls-on-us-attorney-and-fbi.html

Right now, I call upon Andrew Cuomo and the NY Times to act. How could AG Cuomo be our Governor when AG Cuomo dropped the ball for the People of NY by covering up a giant criminal scandal under his TARP.


Additional wake up for AG Cuomo and the NY Times: Eliot Spitzer has just poked his head out from under the TARP.

The Pope, NY Times, Andrew Cuomo, and open bidding for NY Senate votes.

The NY Times attacks the Pope with "Any role the current pope may have played in responding to those allegations over the years is a significant aspect of this story," but ignores the corruption here in NY's Courts and Government. In NY, the NY Times needn't qualify corruption with "may have." Plus, the NY Times knows when AG Cuomo knew.

New York's unresolved budget crisis has Senators Sampson and Klein as Senate Leaders negotiating the budget, who have committed publicly reported acts which will harm NY Taxpayers. The NY Times said regarding the Pope, its reports were "based on meticulous reporting and documents." The NY Times needn't waste its money for "meticulous reporting" in regard to either reporting and/or asking AG Cuomo to prosecute, because the documents and criminal charges are already in public domain.

Perhaps, if the NY Times doesn't support prosecution, the NY Times will support transparency in NY Government and can ask Senators Sampson and Klein to open up the bidding to influence their votes to a free market, where all NY citizens could openly bid for their votes and influence.