Quick Partial Index (all are links) To Cuomo's Corruption And Its Cost


Letter to Super DEBT Committee - Save $2 trillion dollars without harming Medicaid beneficiaries. link

Letter to Congress: save $200 billion in Medicaid in this year's budget.
link link
Congress notified of NY medicaid fraud by NYS link

Even with wildly optimistic pension earnings predictions, New York Debt per person including local debt is $24,195. For a family of four that is about $97,000. link

A. Latest on Chapter 10 Bankruptcy link 1 Link 2
B. Cuomo Budget Link 1 Link 2
C. NY Bonds Link1 Link 2 Link "Writing on Wall"

Cuomo as Governor
Medicaid Redesign Team: Medicaid Budget increases, not decreases Cuomo's Lobbyist Crony Heads Medicaid Redesign.
Cuomo's Lobbyist Crony renamed Consultant and all is well

1. Cuomo Stars as Captain Renault in Casablanca remake and link 2 Cuomo's repeat performances

2. Cuomo fails to follow Brown and cut his budget by 25%

3. More Cuomo fails to equal California's Brown

4. How States go bankrupt.

5. Cuomo and Medicaid headed nowhere

6. Look at Alternate currency: A Ron Paul, a $3 Cuomo, a California IOU

7. Cuomo's credit card taken away.

8. New Chapter 10 Federal Bankruptcy for States.

9. The new $3 Cuomo I.O.U.

10. Cuomo and NY Bondholders See The Writing On The Wall

11. New York Bankruptcy and Bond Devaluation

12. Cuomo Loads Up His Band Wagon With Committees For The Downhill Race With California

13. Ponzi to Madoff to Hevesi to DiNapoli; New York Learns About A Phony Safe 7.5% Pension Return

14 Economic Laws Lead Andrew Cuomo To A Hard Fall

15. Cuomo Meets "The Ghost Of NY Yet To Come"

16. Fiscal Disaster As Andrew Cuomo And His M.O. Are Slapped Down By Chinese Reality Checks

17. The New Word Order, "Nixon/Blogo/Cuomo" Predicates Andrew Cuomo's Fate

-Cuomo's prior corruption-

18. Cuomo Perfected His M.O. At HUD With $59 Billion Unaccounted For ; stealing the poor guys blind; Medicare $1.2 billion per year fraud; Multiple $50,000 bribes; Cuomo bungles criminal trial, rich executives walk;

19. The Second Cuomo's Smoking Gun: AEG Victory Celebration Needed Rev. Sharpton And Andrew Cuomo In The AEG Bag

20. Cuomo's Corruption Allowed $400 Million To Be Added to $1.2 Billion In NY Medicaid Fraud To Be Refunded By NY State To Federal Government

21. Andrew Cuomo Kisses And Makes Up With The Albany Swamp's Legislature Vermin, Reprobate Politicians, A Whore and Charles Rangel, Ashley Dupre, boss Vito Lopez, David Paterson, as obedient house boy, Andrew Farkas, who Cuomo accused of paying millions in kickbacks, and Allen Isaac (sex predator)

22. Sex Predator: Cuomo can clean his own nest

23. Cuomo changes pay to play to indirect payment and we're fooled

24. Cuomo bungles criminal prosecution

25. Cuomo covers up NY corruption

26. Cuomo covers up missing 9/11 Red Cross Money

27. $1.2 trillion loss resulted from the 50 % of $2.4 trillion in loans ordered by Cuomo at HUD, *Cuomo's smoking gun

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Quo Vadis, Cuomo; Is It Via Spitzer or Via Hevesi? Cuomo Snared With Political Whores At A Second Aqueduct Bait Drop

    First, in the Albany Swamp, it's,"Here boys, come and get it"
 Then, "Oh no, they've found our trail; the hounds are closing in"            
       The second "Because of Cuomo Victory Party" will be followed similarly to the first with the ignominy of total defeat.   You could admire Andrew Cuomo's skills in the Albany Swamp.    Just a whiff of the scent of money and Andrew is there.  Andrew was connected to the AEG scandal where the money he received from principals in AEG scandal and the fact that a victory party occurred meant Andrew was in the bag.

        Now an affidavit has surfaced showing Andrew, Gov. Paterson, Congressman Meeks, Senators Smith, Sampson and Adams, DA Morgenthau and Sheekey from the Bloomberg Administration were right in the thick of Aqueduct Bidding Process of which AEG was part.  The affidavit says Andrew Cuomo was in more than one meeting over "Capital Play's interest in Aqueduct Raceway."    link to more

      It is now impossible ethically for Cuomo to have any part in the criminal investigation of the AEG scandal, which is a sub-part of the Aqueduct Bidding Process Scandal.

      There is so much for a Grand Jury to support issuing cleansing indictments.
NY Criminal Procedure Law § 190.05...A grand jury is a body consisting of not less than sixteen nor more than twenty-three persons, ...the functions of which are to hear and examine evidence concerning offenses and concerning misconduct, nonfeasance and neglect in public office, whether criminal or otherwise, and to take action 

      And, of course, there is the nasty part of the NY Constitution which requires anyone including a Governor to be removed for taking the fifth amendment.

      NY Constitution Article § 6. nor shall he or she be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself or herself, providing, that any public officer who, upon being called before a grand jury to testify concerning the conduct of his or her present office or of any public office held by him or her within five years ..., refuses to sign a waiver of immunity against subsequent criminal prosecution, or to answer any relevant question concerning such matters before such grand jury, shall by virtue of such refusal, be disqualified from holding any other public office or public employment ..., and shall be removed from his or her present office 

       Pleasant Dreams, for tonight; a cleansing is your future; for Andrew, Gov. Paterson, Congressman Meeks, Senators Smith, Sampson and Adams. 
    And,  Quo vadis, Cuomo?    Will you be following Via Spitzer or Via Hevesi?

c.c. (by certified mail with this post and a copy of affidavit):  Eric Holder, US AG;  Manhattan DA; Albany County DA,  Governor Paterson

Sampson and Cuomo Kiss And Make-up In The Albany Swamp To Guard Their Status Quo

         "An election full of Sound and Fury about draining the Albany Swamp was just a tale told for the fools and signified nothing."

      From the center of the swamp, Senator Sampson announced,“If 2008 was about the changing of the guard, then 2010 was about the guarding of the change.  Working with Governor-elect Cuomo, Lieutenant Governor-elect Duffy, we stand ready to continue what we started and build the New York we can be, should be, and will be."   "I look forward to working side-by-side with Andrew Cuomo and Robert Duffy."

       Of course, no word from Senator Sampson who "is among the lawmakers caught up in the scandal over a since-scuttled contract for a lucrative downstate casino. Federal prosecutors and the Manhattan district attorney's office is looking at possible criminal violations," about that AEG corruption or the multiple $50,000 bribes.

       The Albany Swamp's vermin had united to save their Swamp and heeding the words of "Pogo," "We have met the enemy and he is us." did nothing.

And, the Vatican Museum will change "Janus"to the victor's name "Saint Andrew conquers NY"