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Letter to Super DEBT Committee - Save $2 trillion dollars without harming Medicaid beneficiaries. link

Letter to Congress: save $200 billion in Medicaid in this year's budget.
link link
Congress notified of NY medicaid fraud by NYS link

Even with wildly optimistic pension earnings predictions, New York Debt per person including local debt is $24,195. For a family of four that is about $97,000. link

A. Latest on Chapter 10 Bankruptcy link 1 Link 2
B. Cuomo Budget Link 1 Link 2
C. NY Bonds Link1 Link 2 Link "Writing on Wall"

Cuomo as Governor
Medicaid Redesign Team: Medicaid Budget increases, not decreases Cuomo's Lobbyist Crony Heads Medicaid Redesign.
Cuomo's Lobbyist Crony renamed Consultant and all is well

1. Cuomo Stars as Captain Renault in Casablanca remake and link 2 Cuomo's repeat performances

2. Cuomo fails to follow Brown and cut his budget by 25%

3. More Cuomo fails to equal California's Brown

4. How States go bankrupt.

5. Cuomo and Medicaid headed nowhere

6. Look at Alternate currency: A Ron Paul, a $3 Cuomo, a California IOU

7. Cuomo's credit card taken away.

8. New Chapter 10 Federal Bankruptcy for States.

9. The new $3 Cuomo I.O.U.

10. Cuomo and NY Bondholders See The Writing On The Wall

11. New York Bankruptcy and Bond Devaluation

12. Cuomo Loads Up His Band Wagon With Committees For The Downhill Race With California

13. Ponzi to Madoff to Hevesi to DiNapoli; New York Learns About A Phony Safe 7.5% Pension Return

14 Economic Laws Lead Andrew Cuomo To A Hard Fall

15. Cuomo Meets "The Ghost Of NY Yet To Come"

16. Fiscal Disaster As Andrew Cuomo And His M.O. Are Slapped Down By Chinese Reality Checks

17. The New Word Order, "Nixon/Blogo/Cuomo" Predicates Andrew Cuomo's Fate

-Cuomo's prior corruption-

18. Cuomo Perfected His M.O. At HUD With $59 Billion Unaccounted For ; stealing the poor guys blind; Medicare $1.2 billion per year fraud; Multiple $50,000 bribes; Cuomo bungles criminal trial, rich executives walk;

19. The Second Cuomo's Smoking Gun: AEG Victory Celebration Needed Rev. Sharpton And Andrew Cuomo In The AEG Bag

20. Cuomo's Corruption Allowed $400 Million To Be Added to $1.2 Billion In NY Medicaid Fraud To Be Refunded By NY State To Federal Government

21. Andrew Cuomo Kisses And Makes Up With The Albany Swamp's Legislature Vermin, Reprobate Politicians, A Whore and Charles Rangel, Ashley Dupre, boss Vito Lopez, David Paterson, as obedient house boy, Andrew Farkas, who Cuomo accused of paying millions in kickbacks, and Allen Isaac (sex predator)

22. Sex Predator: Cuomo can clean his own nest

23. Cuomo changes pay to play to indirect payment and we're fooled

24. Cuomo bungles criminal prosecution

25. Cuomo covers up NY corruption

26. Cuomo covers up missing 9/11 Red Cross Money

27. $1.2 trillion loss resulted from the 50 % of $2.4 trillion in loans ordered by Cuomo at HUD, *Cuomo's smoking gun

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We Lost Or Cuomo's Personal and Public Finance Balances

Andrew Cuomo didn't learn personal financial profit and shakedown tactics from Eliot Spitzer. Cuomo taught himself while HUD (Housing and Urban Development) Secretary under Clinton. Cuomo exchanged his immature compassion for the poor where he said, "(Cuomo) saw a broken pipe literally spewing human waste on the children's playground," for his later wiser compassionate statement about that same Landlord, Andrew Farkas, "(Farkas) never saw one of the properties he managed,"

Beforehand, it was reported, "The publicity-driven HUD chief (Cuomo)so hyperventilated at press conferences about the (Farkas)scam that a federal judge had to put a stop to all the heavy breathing."
Thereafter, "(Andrew Farkas) ponied up over $2 million for front running attorney general... that includes $1.2 million in salary....paid Cuomo in 2004 and 2005." And "an undisclosed amount Island (Farkas' company) paid Cuomo in 2006"

Beforehand, Cuomo had charged in a federal lawsuit, "Farkas' then company, Insignia Financial Services, of paying $7.6 million in kickbacks to owners of 17 federally subsidized projects that Insignia managed."
Thereafter, Cuomo knew who paid his bills,"Cuomo's earnings tripled when he went to work at Island (Farkas' company)."


Andrew Cuomo had taken a lemon from sewage and changed it into lemonade in a golden cup.

How Cuomo handled public finance, "HUD had lost track of $59 billion"

"In fiscal year 1998, HUD had “undocumentable adjustments” of $17 billion: that is, $17 billion could not be accounted for. In fiscal 1999, HUD announced that it required $59 billion of “undocumentable adjustments” to balance the books and that it would not provide audited financial statements as required by law."

But the "compassionate" Cuomo did not want those taking any of the $59 billion to suffer a government witch hunt and so, "Cuomo did not order the HUD IG to investigate the reason for the missing billions or to try to get the money back."


Cuomo was so proud that he used our $200,000 to tell us about himself, "in the last day of the Clinton administration, HUD spent $200,000 on reports ... promoting then-Secretary Andrew Cuomo's political career."

Causing a petty response from Rep. Robert Ney, R-Ohio, "These funds could have provided an entire year's worth of housing assistance for hundreds of poor families across the country."


No, thank you, Andrew Cuomo. Your costs were too high.

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